Finding a Job

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Jobs that you will be offered will rarely come out of the blue. The most important advice for any science student is this: NETWORK.

How do you network, you ask? 

- Do your research with intention to publish!

- Join scientific societies relevant to your research (i.e. American Anthropological Society, AAFS, etc...)

- Present your work at conferences (poster or talk)

- Go to Grand-Rounds or smaller local meetings or symposia (where you can meet faculty and scientists more informally)

- Seek opportunities to do some external internships

- Have a LinkedIn profile that is thorough 

- Have both a good resume (usually 1 to 2 pages) and a complete curriculum vitae (CV), which has your entire academic and professional info (education, experience, skills, references, publications, current and past research projects, talk presented at conferences or invited, etc.)

For Corthals Lab research students in biomedical science, look at these sites:

For faculty positions: 

 - Chronicle of Higher Education

For both faculty and industry:

Science Magazine Career Page

For Biobanking and histology, laboratory based positions:

ISBER International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories

For students in forensic anthropology, forensic science and bioarchaeology:

American Anthropological Society Job Board

American Association of Biological Anthropology

SOFA: the Society of Forensic Anthropology

AAFS Job Board

There are also people on YouTube or even Tiktok explaining how to find jobs in forensic science

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