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Forensic Anthropology exercise in Central Park

Exciting happenings at John Jay as the wonderful  Central Park Conservancy  has given us a permit to perform a forensic anthropology exercise in the composting area of the park (Thank you so much, Maria Hernandez, Neri Briceno, Novem Auyeng!)  The exercise was done in the frame of Dr. C's FOS 761 course at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Corthals Lab minions Erica and Carlos were there, as were students Meeann, Mayra, Takeshi, Caitlin (from Hunter College), Alethea, Stephanie, Sannia, Natasha and Natasha's mini-me. Here are some pix! (more pix can be found on the Corthals Lab Gallery Page )  The team before the start! 2nd row, left to right: Natasha's mini me, Mayra, Erica, Natasha, Sannia, Meeann, Stephanie, Alethea - 1st row: Takeshi, Carlos, Dr. C Before the exercise, Dr. C plants the evidence... Team demonstrating the perfect site canvas! Search and locate, minions! Search and locate! Serious in bunny suits! Minions at work