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Funded PhD positions in Finland

Image  From  Elina Salmela, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher | FT, Tutkijatohtori University of Helsinki | Helsingin yliopisto University of Turku | Turun yliopisto Finland Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany Dear all, I wish to advertise a set of PhD positions that are currently open in University of Turku, Finland. Across multiple disciplines, there is a total of 25 positions which broadly relate to the theme "Green and Digital Transition". Specifically, one of the potential projects relates to "Human genomic changes due to past epidemics and environment in north-eastern Europe" (project #18, co-supervised by me) and another one to "Evolution of human health in past and modern environments" (project #19). I have copied the detailed descriptions of these two projects below. All the project descriptions can be found in . Further information