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Postdoctoral Position in Environmental DNA assays in Rome (Metabarcoding)

La Sapienza University in Rome Postdoctoral Position in Environmental DNA assays! Dear colleagues, Please see below this opportunity offered in my group in Rome. Contact me directly if interested. Laura Parducci ——————— Postdoctoral position Deadline : April 13, 2024 One-year research grant with possibility of extension until October 2025 with Prof. Laura Parducci, Environmental Biology Department,, Italy and Cristiano Vernesi (Fondazione Mach di Trento, Italy) . Project Title : Using ancient environmental DNA to assess Volcanic lakes reference condition, biodiversity, and long-term ecological response to climate variability and anthropogenic pressure . Tasks : Apply metabarcoding and shotgun capture on lake sediment DNA, identify organisms, and develop ecological indicators. Bioinformatics skills are required for the development of molecular probes for shotgun capture sequencing. Link to the application: