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Egypt, Baby!

For Corthals Lab Head Minion, Carlos, January 2016 was an exciting month, where he got to breathe (and cough out) pounds of mummy dust. Dr. C and Carlos went to Egypt to join the awesome University of Brussels team on their excavation site in The Valley of the Nobles, TT29 complex, in El Qurnah, Luxor, Egypt under the direction of Dr. Laurent Bavay , and with: Dra. Anja (Moudira), Garance, Alisee, Dorian, Alexis, Antje, Claire, Ali, Uzman, Abdu, Ramadan, and el Rais of the workers. When not on-site (7am to 2pm), Carlos had some time to visit the area, and to get a good idea of what 'monumental' truly means!  Here are some of the pix: Ah, Egypt... Departure from Brussels Airport with the ULB team, Alisee, Dorian, Garance Carlos samples the reading onboard EgyptAir Arrival in Luxor with a bottle of Rum and one of Gin. So: something to declare, yes or no? Decisions, decisions... At the Marsam At the Marsam Home C3 Home Happy Carlos H